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BE Whirl-A-Way 20″ Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner

  • 4,000 PSI Max. / 3,000 PSI Min. / 8 GPM Max. / 4 GPM Min.
  • One of the best attachments for a pressure washer to clean large flat surfaces. The three rapidly spinning jets create a large, streak-free cleaned path greatly reducing the time and effort needed for projects such as parking lots, driveways and sidewalks.


24″ Trident Hydro Twister® Surface Cleaner, 3 Caster

  • 3000-5000 PSI / 3 - 6 GPM / Deck Size 24" / Nozzles (2) 2.7 / Temp 210°F

BE 20″ Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner

This unit features a 2-nozzle spray arm. A versatile unit that can handle many surface cleaning needs.
  • 20" / 4000 PSI / 8 GPM

Hydro Tek Hose Reel, AR151

5000 PSI,  Temp 400˚F , Can hold 250' of  3/8” hose

Made in the USA

Hydro Tek Stacking Hose Reel AR325

Two stainless hose reels attached to a sturdy powder coated steel frame that conveniently bolts down to any flat surface. Includes: 1 Reel capacity of 250' x 3/8", 5000 psi, 400°F paired with a 150' inlet reel. Rustproof, chip proof, stainless steel hose reels for about the same cost as a painted one.

Hydro Tek Hose Reel AR100

3500 PSI, 250°F Max rating

Will Hold 150' of 3/8" pressure washer hose

-Stainless Steel -Made in the USA  

Solid Shaft CAT Pump – 5PP3140

4.0 GPM / 4000 PSI / 20mm Shaft / 1460 RPM

Part # SLP5PP3140-402 / Pump Model: 5PP3140

Aluminum Brightener

Aluminum Brightener is used on uncoated aluminum to remove oxidation and restore the original shine.

This product is in stock and available as an IN STORE PURCHASE ONLY

1 Gallon - $ 13.99 5 Gallon - $55.99

Auto Shampoo

Using a blend of special surfactants, Auto Shampoo removes dirt and grime from upholstery and carpets.

In store purchase only

Quart - $7.99 Gallon - $14.99

Carnauba Cream Wax

Carnauba Cream Wax is a professional formulation that contains mild cleaners, polymers, co-polymers, and Carnauba wax which produce a deep, lustrous shine with excellent water beading and detergent resistant characteristics. Our ultimate final finish wax leaves a long lasting, protective finish. VOC compliant.

In store purchase only

Quart - $14.99

Carnauba Spray Wax

Carnauba Spray Wax produces a bright waxed appearance in the final rinse of automotive car wash systems. Carnauba Spray Wax reduces water spotting on glass, metal, and trim. Carnauba Spray Wax also works great as a lot wash for volume cleaning of vehicles. Add this product to the wash tank, spray on surfaces, and rinse with clear water.

In store purchase only

Quart - $15.99