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DWR Graffiti & Shadow Stain Remover

DWR is powerful graffiti remover that is designed for use on bare masonry surfaces. In addition to graffiti, DWR easily removes shadows and graffiti stains that remain after general graffiti removal. DWR will remove spray paints, inks, crayon, markers, acrylic paint, latex, oil based paints and other unwanted graffiti defacements.

In store purchase only

Gallon - $43.99 5 Gallon - $219.99

Gum Buster

Gum and Tar Remover. Ideal for concrete walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. A multi purpose stain remover, Gum Buster will save labor and time on these almost impossible stains.

In store purchase only

1 Gallon - $14.99 5 Gallon - $64.99

Rust Stain Remover

Rust Stain Remover is the answer to removing ugly surface rust stains. Apply rust stain remover and watch the stains vanish.

In store purchase only

Gallon - $15.99 5 Gallon - $59.99

Super Concrete Cleaner

Removes efflorescence and most mineral stains without having to use harsh acids. More information below.

In store purchase only

Gallon - $17.99 5 Gallon - $79.99

White Crete

White Crete concrete cleaner is a great product for cleaning and whitening concrete. It restores the ‘white’ appearance to old aged concrete. A simple reaction takes place with the minerals that naturally exist in concrete to leave a like-new appearance. It also helps remove various other stains on concrete surfaces.

In store purchase only

1 Gallon - $14.99 5 Gallon - $55.99

Bio Guard

Bio Guard protects surfaces from harmful micro-organisms that cause odor and mold growth. Upon initial contact with the surface, Bio Guard eliminates odors. Effective protection will last up to 36 months depending on the environment and frequency of exposure to water or moisture.

In store purchase only

Gallon - $24.99 5 Gallon - $99.99

Citrus House Wash

Citrus House Wash is a powerful house wash detergent that leaves a clean citrus smell. It is formulated for cleaning vinyl, aluminum and wood siding. This product can be mixed with bleach to quickly remove unwanted mold and mildew.

In store purchase only

1 Gallon - $13.99 5 Gallon - $49.99

Super Roof X

Super Roof X is a concentrated roof cleaner that removes stubborn roof stains from asphalt and fiberglass shingles without the use of bleach or damaging high pressure. Its high concentration allows for a very economical roof cleaning solution with minimum effort. 1 Gallon - $19.99 5 Gallon - $ 89.99

This product can be shipped but requires Hazardous Shipping through FedEx Ground. Contact us or request a quote with your full address and we will give you a shipping quote.

Brick Cleaner

Cleaning formula made for use on brick. Brick Cleaner concentrate must be diluted before use!

In store purchase only

Gallon - $14.99 5 Gallon - $64.99

Super Deck Stripper

Super Deck Stripper is a concentrated professional grade deck stripper that is great for removing most oil based and waterborne deck stains and sealers. Super Deck Stripper can also be diluted to make an incredible wood cleaner

In store purchase only

1 Gallon - $17.99 5 Gallon - $79.99

Wood Brightener

Wood Brightener is a neutralizing agent that should be used on wood surfaces that have been cleaned. This product prepares the wood for sealants. It also brightens and enhances the natural appearance of the wood.

In store purchase only

1 Gallon - $15.99 5 Gallon - $59.99

Karcher 15″ Surface Cleaner

Cleans an area 15" wide with two spinning nozzles instead of one, greatly reducing your cleaning time.
  • Max 3200 PSI